By the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Constantinople, todays Istanbul, was a cosmopolitan metropolis, indeed a cosmopolis a multiethnic, multi-religious, and multilingual city with a diversity of vernacular languages which contributed to its soundscape and formed its lingua-scape. About one million inhabitants, among them Turks, Greeks, and Armenians
Constantinople is described as not one but as many cities, which spread out and overflow Europe as well as Asia without any clear limitations.
Professor Helena Bodin from Stockholm University, wrote those sentences about the Ottoman city of Constantinople, which nowadays is called Istanbul.
You have recently read a few excerpts written by the author Edmondo De Amicis in his non-fiction travelogue book Constantinople, written in 1887. How can you relate professor Bodins sentences with De Amicis description on how minorities are portrayed in Constantinople?
What is your opinion on De Amicis descriptions?
I have attached the reading in order to answer the questions above. Let me know if you have any questions