The assignment focuses on The New Literacy Essay. Additionally, there is a description of Writers Primary Rhetorical Strategies. So,  determine the effect it has on readers.

The New Literacy Essay – Writers Primary Rhetorical Strategies

Description For this first essay, you are going to look at how a writer argues his or her point. Firstly, you will consider how the author organizes the information in order to appeal to his or her audience. Secondly, you will look at 3-4 strategies used and determine the effect it has on readers. The effectiveness can be done throughout the paper and in the conclusion. This essay is not focused on your specific opinion on the issue, but on the greater effect of the piece. Read “The New Literacy” handout and analyze it based on the strategies of logos, pathos, and ethos. Description of the Assignment The first paragraph should briefly summarize the main ideas of “The New Literacy.” The summary should take no more than one paragraph (3-4 sentences at most). 

The New Literacy Essay – Writers Primary Rhetorical Strategies

At the end of this first paragraph you must have a thesis identifying the primary rhetorical strategies of the writer. In the main body of the paper (3-6 paragraphs), present a lengthy explanation of how the writer presents the argument. What are the 3-4 primary rhetorical strategies (from the logos, pathos, and ethos list)? How does the writer attempt to persuade? Always return to a discussion of the author’s potential effect on his or her audience. In each of your body paragraphs, you must discuss the writer’s use of a specific rhetorical strategy (a technique used in persuasion from the logos, pathos, and ethos list). You’ll discuss 3-4 strategies in all. For example, some common strategies are as follows: • Logoso Reasoning-inductive or deductive? o

The New Literacy Essay – Writers Primary Rhetorical Strategies

Also, compare/contrast-show good/bad to change the way a person sees. Additionally, concrete examples-multiple examples to prove point? o Direct quotes-from credible sources that strengthen the point made. Statistics-from credible sources that strengthen the point being made o Definitions-given to clarify • Ethoso Knowledge of the author o The appeal to authority (credible sources: quoting experts, using statistics, citing information from credible sources. Where does the information come from? o Appealing to the opposition: granting validity to the opposition/demonstrating respect for the opposition. An effective writer will clearly and fairly list the arguments of the opposition, without insulting or diminishing them. 

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