Real Estate Award
You are the sales manager of Texas Realty, a real estate group that has six offices throughout the Houston area. Each January you give two awards to outstanding sales associates for their sales performance for the past year. One award goes to a first-year associate and the other goes to an associate who has worked for your company for more than a year.

Write an appropriate congratulatory email to Carlie Melon, a first-year associate in the Pasadena Office. Inform her that she has been chosen to receive the first-year award, and invite her to attend the upcoming awards banquet where the award will be given.

Employees from all six offices will attend the banquet. You are also requesting her bio, the name of two guesses that will attend, and everyones dietary for a regular or vegetarian menu. You select a date, time, and place for the banquet. Ask her to let you know if she will be able to attend.