PHI 110 Research Essay 

Objective: Write a thought-provoking research-based essay in which you take a position on one of the ethical issues in Part 4 of our textbook and defend your position using one of the moral theories, such as one of the consequentalist theories (for example, utilitarianism or ethical egoism) or nonconsequentialist theories (such as Kantian theory or natural law theory).  The topic possibilities include abortion, altering genes and cloning humans, euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide, capital punishment, drug use (harm and personal liberty), sexual morality, same-sex marriage, and political violence (war, terrorism, torture). 

Format and Length: Minimum of four (4) double-spaced pages, NOT including the Works Cited; Modern Language Association (MLA-formatted)

Important Note: Write in the 3rd person point-of-view (no “I,” no “you,” no “we”). Proof carefully. 

Research Reminder: Use the Central Carolina Library LibGuide at

Rubric Grading Guidelines

Accurate use of English (correct grammar and punctuation, effective writing style including 3rd person point-of-view) including careful documentation (including ability to paraphrase and use quotations with MLA formatting) and good organizational plan: 40 points 

Adequate research (inclusion of credible sources, primarily from the Central Carolina Library databases and resources): 20 points 

Accurate and complete reflection of material read for assignment (evidence of critical thinking, not just a summary of what everybody has said): 40 points