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       The concept of worldview is critical for a scholar to consider because it is the foundation that guides all scholarly work. The ideas you encounter in books, journal articles, popular magazines, videos, and lectures emerge from the worldview of their creators. The reading assignments for this course are designed to enlighten you about how to write this paper. However, a scholar would seek out other sources to inform their understanding of a worldview. As you look at the requirements of this assignment there are two very important things to understand:

      • You must be able to support your personal worldview thoughts from the reading of the texts books AND your own literature research. A minimum of 12 sources should be used

       • You may use sacred texts to support your worldview. However, keep in mind that this is not a theology assignment so ensure there is appropriate scholarly balance to support your theological suppositions. The essential elements of this paper should include the following.

 The title page should use the title “Worldview and Leadership” and include the Honesty Statement. 1) Introduction to your paper (One paragraph


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You are expected to acknowledge the input from authors of various books, authors, magazines, videos and other sources of personal viewpoints. The discussion will entail the link between the personal worldview, which is further supported by the literature. As noted in the instructions, the discussions are expected to consider appropriate scholarly balance as opposed to focusing purely on theology. The paper will express ideas from the personal view and compare the different views with literature to find the link or gaps that exist in relation to the concept of worldview. The discussion requires significant literature research to draw conclusions on ideologies and hence make authentic arguments…


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