This assignment focuses on World’s largest telescopes. On the other hand, there is a description of instrument’s specialty. So, what is unique about this particular instrument? How large is the objective?

World’s largest telescopes-instrument’s specialty

3) Do research to examine four of the world’s largest telescopes. Answer such questions as: Where are they and why that location was chosen? What is the instrument’s specialty? What is unique about this particular instrument? How large is the objective? How is it accessed? Also,  how much did it cost? and Who paid for it?Next-generation ground telescopes received priority designation from a long-awaited report by the National Academy of Sciences. They would join a host of existing ground telescopes and smaller space telescopes already peering at supernovas, galaxies and other distant objects in the starry skies.

World’s largest telescopes-instrument’s specialty

Three planned optical telescopes in the 98-foot (30-meter) range would house some of the biggest mirrors yet for collecting light from distant cosmic objects. And proposed radio telescope would dwarf predecessors by using many antenna stations to create a total collecting area of a square kilometer, or 0.4 square miles. Also, a new ground-based observatory that would scan the entire available sky every three nights from Chile could see first light by 2014. Besides, the $465-million Large Synoptic Survey Telescope would give astronomers their best view ever of how billions of faint starry-sky objects change over time. It could also tackle questions relating to the nature of dark energy, and perhaps track space rocks that might collide with Earth in the future.

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