The assignment discusses the World history and the partition of india. Additionally, there is aslo a description of events of India’s colonization. So, Explain why tentions are so high between the two cultures in detail. 

World history and the partition of india – events of India’s colonization

World history and the partition of india
Prompt for this paper. What in history influenced and lead to the partition of India. Also, why is it the way it is between Hindu in Muslims relationship today. Use outside scholarly sources including bibliographies. Explain in detail the events of India’s colonization. Explain how the British tricked the Mughals for the trade of the Indian company. Mention the massacres that led to the separation of people of India and the formation of Pakistan. Explain why tentions are so high between the two cultures. In detail as well as Follow it up with current events,ie Muslims massacred as well source them at the end of the paper. Use any scholarly history sources you can find.

World history and the partition of india – events of India’s colonization

Though trade with India had been highly valued by Europeans since ancient times. The long route between them was subject to many potential obstacles and obfuscations from middlemen, making trade unsafe, unreliable, and expensive. This was especially true after the collapse of the Mongol empire and the rise of the Ottoman Empire all but blocked the ancient Silk Road. As Europeans, led by the Portuguese, began to explore maritime navigation routes to bypass middlemen, the distance of the venture required merchants to set up fortified posts.Indian National Congress founded initially as a moderate body to press for greater opportunities for all Indians irrespective of religion. Demands include end of discriminatory practices in employment, greater public spending on education and lower taxes on the mass of poverty-stricken peasantry.

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