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In order to understand the requirements for these chapters let’s take an example of a (fictional) seminar paper: The American Psychedelic and the music of the Doors during the 1960’s. What is psychedelic? What was the psychedelic sub-culture? Who were the Doors? How the music of the Doors reflected and promoted the Psychedelic experience?

More about this assignment:

The women in revolt in 1968 was driven by the desire to fight discrimination in various areas of life. The seminar paper expects to illustrate the impact of the American Psychedelic and the music of the Doors during the 1960s. This will help illustrate the comprehension of psychedelic. Moreover, the paper expects a definition and discussion of psychedelic subculture. This will include a discussion about the Doors. It is imperative that the discussion illustrates how Door’s music promoted the Psychedelic experience. The seminar paper should be fictional. However, it is expected to illustrate creativity and innovation in making arguments and conclusions…

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