Women in Medieval Society, by Brenda Bolton and Susan Mosher Stuard

Write five FULL pages of typed text, double-spaced. Make sure that it is no less than five full pages of text.

Use a simple header: your name, title and author(s) of the book you read. Number your pages.

Focus more on analysis of the text rather than summary of the book. Do not state whether the book is “good” or “bad;” that is not meaningful. What does the author state as he or her objective with the book and does he or she achieve that objective?

What sources does the author use? How does he or she use them? (Quotes? Paraphrase?) Is the subject matter discussed in broad detail or specifics? Is the book overly specific? Does the author include analysis or is it just summary of events? Is the book intended for a scholarly audience or general reading public?Does the book include illustrations or charts? If so, how are they used?

Keep your own opinions out of the book report. Write in third person; no first or second person.

PROOFREAD! Which means more than just running a spell-check program. But DO use spell and grammar check.

CITE your book. When you quote, use Chicago style download foot or endnotes. Include a Bibliography when you use Chicago footnotes. Even if you are only using one book. If you are using a Kindle version of the book, state that in your first footnote and use “location” instead of page numbers.