Since Text 1 for Project 3, the written genre, is persuasive, you are going to be making an argument in that first text.
For this assignment, you should first read Chapter 16 Strategies for Supporting an Argument on pages 339-361 in our textbook. This chapter outlines different strategies that writers can use to make effective arguments. For this discussion post, choose at least 3 of these strategies that you think might be useful in writing for this project. Then, post a reply to this discussion board that addresses the following:
Who is your audience and what is the particular stance you are taking in your persuasive text?
For each of the 3 strategies, answer the following questions:What is the strategy that you might incorporate?
In 2-3 sentences, how do you understand what this strategy includes?
Why do you think this particular strategy might be persuasive for your specific audience and/or stance?