A well-known business case, “White Water Rapids” describes the tumultuous environment of international business using the metaphor of navigating a dynamic and often treacherous waters of a fast moving river!
Robin Earl, as the director of human resources at a U.S. based semi-conductor company, has a significant task ahead of her. With her company on the brink of expansion overseas, she will need to learn very quickly how to navigate the ‘white water rapids’ of her role in IHRM. As you might do in her situation, she first makes a list of eight issues – and lots of questions – to explore as she develops a report for her boss, the CEO of BCN semi-conductors, which is due in a very short time!
Please answer these two questions with 200 words each. This is not a essay, just a short-question assignment
Q1. What is the MOST URGENT question Robin should answer and why?
Q2. Following along with the metaphor of the while water rapids (…and if you have ever done any white water rafting, you know that you have to hold on tight and paddle really hard or you risk getting swept downstream and hitting the hidden obstacles)…, Robin Earl has barely gotten a grip and she is in some danger of getting swept away!
If you could turn the clock back in time to before the raft took off, what one recommendation would you make to the CEO about the role of Robin Earl as HR director and why?