How do you feel that your ambition has been encouraged or inhibited so  

far? Reviewing the gender infl uences on ambition in this chapter: do you  

feel that your gender contributed to this encouragement or inhibition?  

Please explain.  

3. Read the section about negative and positive ambition, and then provide an  

example of each, either in your own life, from people you know, or from  

research? (About 150 words minimum per example)  

4. This chapter discusses six personal problem areas in being ambitious: (1)  

lack of focus, (2) losing control, (3) strength becoming a weakness, (4)  

psychosomatic effects, (5) workaholism , and (6) loss of happiness. Please  

refl ect on each of these problem areas, and select which of these six is a  

current or foreseeable problem area that may affect you. Explain your  

answer (about 300 words)?  

5. Which of the four professional downsides of ambition do you consider  

most problematic? 2022 Latest Answers  

 Have you ever been the victim of any of these four  

downsides? If so, please explain? If not, please select one or more of these  

four downsides and explain how you will avoid them from happening if  

ever you become a leader in a professional setting?