. Which of the following statements is true?

A. Most nurses have adequate knowledge of

nursing research findings.

B. Many nursing research findings are never


C. Inadequate research skills of nurses is the

most frequently cited reason for lack of

utilization of research findings.

D. Most nursing research findings are ready

for use in practice.


Write true (T) or false (F) beside the following



 If a study has been replicated at least

once, there is no need for further research

in that same area of study.


 The Conduct and Utilization of Research

in Nursing (CURN) is one of the most

well-known nursing research utilization



. Replication studies are the most common type of nursing research studies.


. Surveys of nurses have found that

most nurses have positive attitudes

toward the utilization of research



. Most nursing research journals pay

authors an honorarium.