Review the Nursing Informatics: Scope and Standards of Practice learning resource to explore competencies related to nursing practice.
Consider the role of competencies in nursing practice. Which competencies may be the most beneficial for project management and nursing informatics?
Reflect on which skills you might currently possess and how you might become competent in others.
Complete the Advanced Nursing Informatics Competency Assessment L3/L4 (NICA) Survey in this weeks Learning Resources to assist you in evaluating the competencies.
The Assignment: (45 pages, and completed Nursing Informatics Competency Assessment Survey)
Explain what competencies are most important and beneficial for your success as a leader in your practice. Be specific and provide examples.
Appraise the leadership strategies, addressed in Standard 11, that you might employ to establish a culture that supports new information technology initiatives. Be specific.
Analyze whether or not you currently have these skills. Then, explain approaches you might recommend implementing to become competent or more proficient in this skill.