1. Based on the latest quotes and portfolio tracking tools obtained from the Internet, complete Worksheet 11.2.

       2. What’s the total amount the Paynes have invested in these securities, the annual income they now receive, and the latest market value of their investments? 2022 latest answers

4. Ranking investments by expected returns. What makes for a good investment? Use the approximate yield formula or a financial calculator to rank the following investments according to their expected returns.  

a. Buy a stock for $30 a share, hold it for 3 years, and then sell it for $60 a share (the stock pays annual dividends of $2 a share).

b. Buy a security for $40, hold it for 2 years, and then sell it for $100 (current income on this security is zero).

c. Buy a 1-year, 5 percent note for $1,000 (assume that the note has a $1,000 par value and that it will be held to maturity).