: The following should be prepared as a 2-3 page report. Organize the paper in 4 parts/sections that correspond to 1-4 below.

1. Describe the organization in which you completed your field studies. Some aspects that you may want to address include the type of organization, what their line of business is, what customers do they serve (their market niche), and who are their main competitors.

2. List each learning objective on your learning contract and rate yourself on a scale of 1-5 on the degree to which you have accomplished the objective according to your measurement (1=not accomplished to 5=accomplished). Under your rating please include a brief explanation (no more than 4 sentences) for your rating such as obstacles or support that you received.

3. What were the biggest challenges and/or problems that you encountered during the time you were completing the work experience.

4. What were the highlights and most memorable experiences? In what ways do you think the experience has helped you with your career development?