Fertilization: The works of Incapacitation and In-vitro
Paper details:
This paper is called a monograph
What to use:
-Incite (paraphrase no quoting)
-Appendix (most articles its usually the first two charts or tables)
Thesis:Sperm are not ready to fertilize an egg immediately upon ejaculation. The sperm needs to spend time inside the female reproductive tract to incapacitate. All the mechanisms of capacitation are unknown, but some mechanisms that are considered are Metabolic changes, Acrosome reaction, and glucose increase (energy). Also knowing if these mechanisms must be considered for the in-vitro process.
Body Format to follow:
a.What is the question/hypothesis?
b. How was it tested? (It is not necessary to describe all the materials and methodsa sentence will do here)
c. What was the result? (Again, paraphraseincluding every little detail is not appropriate)
d. What does the result mean? (i.e. What is the conclusion?)
Any questions about what you need to write and I also have more articles that wouldn’t complete.