Answer the following questions. Article will be provided by instructor at end of class.
1. What type of qualitative approach is used in this study?
A. Phenomenology
B. Grounded theory
C. Ethnography
D. Exploratory/Descriptive
2. Can you identify all four sections of the qualitative research report? (Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion). Yes or No.
3. What sampling method is used to build this purposeful sample of students and clinical faculty? What was the size of each sample?
4. What data collection methods do the researchers state were used? Interview, Focus groups, Observation, and/or Examination of documents and media? What other method do they identify in the Discussion section as another method that could be valuable in future studies (but was not used in their work)?
5. In the data analysis, what 5 themes emerged as factors influencing the instructor-student relationship? Please list and provide a very brief description of each.