1) What is the article about? summerise the article

2) Why is the article Important? According to the author, why should people care about their research topic? 3) Has the study in this article been researched before? Tip: look at the literature review section question

4) is this research a good addition to existing scholarly literature?

5) What method did they use to collect their data? And what method did they use to input their data?

6) What is/are the research question(s)? Is the research question/problem/purpose new or original? Does it add to the larger body of scientific literature?

7) Was the research problem/rationale well explained? Why is this an important topic in need of more research?

8) How well did the literature review support the authors research question? How well did the theory provided guide the authors study?

9) Is the study design/research methods appropriate to the research question/hypotheses? Was it adequate to answer the author(s) research question(s)?

10) How did the author collect and analyze their data? What statistical tests were used, and why?