Students will compose an original philosophical essay using the arguments, theories and philosophical understanding they have acquired throughout the course

. The essay will include a well-developed thesis and several lines of supporting as well as antithetical evidence.



The purpose of this critical reflection essay assignment is to apply philosophical reflection to explain an ethical argument, position, or theory.


Audience: Your instructor, or other third party reviewer/evaluator



Compose an original, philosophical essay (750 words minimum).


Select a topic from the assigned options below.

Clearly employ a line of philosophical reflection applied to the issue raised by the topic and expound upon your position employing philosophical arguments to support your thesis.

You are expected to use the arguments, theories, and philosophical understandings that you acquired in this course explore theories across cultures and traditions recognizing the diverse conceptions of human nature in your paper.



Minimum 3-4 pages (750 words) typed in Times New Roman 12-pt font, double-spaced with 1” margins. The Works Cited (MLA)/References (APA) page is not included in the assigned page length.

MLA / APA style format and documentation for parenthetical citations and Works Cited / References page.

Minimum of three (3) academically appropriate resources in addition to assigned primary source(s) – so, 4 sources total

Utilize suggested philosophy databases below to locate appropriate sources:

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy –

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy –

Utilize suggested CCBC library guides for correct MLA/APA formatting guidelines:

MLA 8 format:

APA 7 format:

Instructors and Librarians are happy to help with proper resource citation.



This assignment will account for 20% of the total course grade.

See attached rubric for details about how your essay will be graded.

Submission Guidelines:


Attach as a Word or PDF file your final paper to the Term Paper Assignment titled, “SUBMIT TERM PAPER HERE”



Part 1:

Select a topic from this list.


What is the value of Ethics and what does it mean to be Ethical?


Part 2:

Develop a thesis statement.


Develop a clear philosophical position on the topic you select.

Be certain to include in your discussion ethical applications and theories across cultures and traditions recognizing the diverse conceptions of human nature. This means going beyond the texts studied in this short survey course and considering theories such as “ubuntu” and other African philosophies, Native American philosophies, Asian philosophies such as Confucianism, among others.

Your essay must refer to and cite at least three (3) of the philosophers or philosophical theories covered in this course.

Cite the appropriate academic sources/references that you have used in the class to construct your thesis and supporting argument.

Part 3:

Develop clear arguments for your thesis.


Use your sources to include at least of 3 levels of analyses as follows:

The primary source(s)/theory(s) as identified in the course reading selections;

The source(s) that supports your perspective;

The source(s) antithetical or opposite to your perspective or the primary source.

Part 4:

Summarize the results of your analysis of the original topic/problem.


In your summary, be certain to describe the importance and/or relevance of distinguishing between unsupported opinions and justified ethical claims.

Refer back to all of the arguments that have been previously discussed being certain to incorporate applications and theories across cultures and traditions recognizing the diverse conceptions of human nature

Avoid branching into new areas of inquiry within this summary.