What is the root cause of greed and how it translates into corporate

profifi teering? 2022 Latest Answers  

2. What role corporate leaders should play in the adoption of sustainable


Unless people’s moral and spiritual qualities are nurtured and developed,  

the best of sustainability efforts will not work. There is no sustainability  

without spirituality .  

• No economics is any good that did not make sense in terms of morality.  

After all, we are “Homo moralis” and not “Homo economicus.”  

• The journey of world transformation starts at the individual level: the way  

to achieve harmonious living in all spheres is through ethics and spirituality at the personal level.  

• The true ecological sustainability depends upon our deeper understanding  

of fundamental spiritual values such as interconnectedness and oneness,  

nonviolence and compassion , contribution and selfl ess service .  

• Ever since the dawn of Industrial Revolution, our primary approach toward  

nature has consistently been that of the conquest and control rather than  

harmony and coexistence. The horrifi c consequences of this perspective  

are too evident to recount.  

• One does not have a right to take unless one has contributed in some way  

that is socially benefi cial.