D.S. 71

Chapter 8 & 9.2

1. A recent survey of 210 people revealed the

following results. They were asked where

they receive their news information. The

people responded with:

107 used social media

105 used cable news

110 used friends

73 used cable news and friends

61 used social media and friends

57 used social media and cable news

35 used all three sources

a) Fill in the numbers for all regions in the Venn diagram above.


b) How many people used only one of the sources?

c) How many people used cable news and social media but not friends?

Answers for probability questions can be written as a fraction (reduced or

unreduced), a decimal, or a percentage unless otherwise instructed.

2. A vat contains 35 white marbles, 80 black marbles, 25 purple marbles, and 40 red

marbles. What is the probability that you will reach in and draw out a black or a purple


3. From the deck of 52 cards, what is the probability that if one card is drawn it is red or a


Friends Cable


Social Media


4. The numbers 1 to 100 are “put in a hat” and drawn out. Find the probability that:

a. The number 42 is drawn.

b. The number contains an 8.

c. A two-digit number is drawn.

5. As the winner of the raffle, you get to choose one bill randomly from each of the two

wallets. Wallet #1 has 4 $100 bills and 26 $20 bills, Wallet #2 has 2 $100 bills and 23 $20

bills. What is the probability that you get $200 total?

6. The following table represents results when asked education level and confidence in

governments’ decisions








HS graduate

Some college

College Graduate













Totals 1340 1130 890 3360

What is the probability that if someone was chosen at random, write your answer as a


a) they were not a college graduate

b) they were a college graduate and had complete confidence

c) they had some college or had some confidence

d) they no confidence given they were a HS graduate

e) they had complete confidence given they were a HS graduate

7. Diane’s Diner is running a special this month at the restaurant. You can order an

appetizer, an entrée and a beverage or a dessert for $11.95. If there are 6 appetizers, 12

entrées, 5 desserts, and 4 beverages to choose from, how many different meals could be


8. The Roger Hitchcock Fan Club has 224 members. We are selecting a four-person delegation

to attend the Awesome Math Teacher Fan Club Convention. How many different delegations

could be chosen?

9. If there are 12 men and 8 women on the board of directors and a committee of 3 men

and 3 women is to be made to screen candidates for the CFO position, how many different

committees can be formed?

10. There was 48 athletes competing in the men’s Biathlon event at the 2022 Winter

Olympics, how many ways could the gold, silver, and bronze medals be given out?

11. How many license plates exist that follows the schematic (### LLL) of the following plate?

Washington had a strange law that did not allow repeated letters or numbers. NO REPEATS