1. Why organizations need to pay heed to ethics and spirituality?  

2. What is the main difference between spirituality and religion ? Is it necessary to be religious in order to be spiritual? 2022 Latest Answers  

 1. Effective leaders know that self-awareness is the key to leading from  

within. They manage their awareness attentively to lead others effectively.  

Self-awareness is the art of being alertly aware about one’s body, mind,  

intellect, and emotions . It ultimately depends upon self-knowledge.  

2. Self-knowledge means the knowledge of one’s true self at the “soullevel”—beyond senses, mind, and intellect. While all other knowledge  

pertains to knowing everything that can be objectifi ed externally, selfknowledge is about knowing the Knower

Exemplary leaders recognize that the most important challenges confronting organizations and society at large are so profound and pervasive that  

they can only be resolved at the fundamental level of the human spirit—at  

the level of one’s authentic self.