CEO Bridget Allen sat at the monthly meeting and listened as her division chiefs made proposals. She was confronted by three ethical dilemmas: share life-saving technology with a competitor or not; close an unprofitable facility or not; raise prices or not. You will use the theories found in “Four Theories of Ethical Decision Making” in Course Resources and the Brede sonreading to evaluate her dilemma.

A. You will apply the tenets of Utilitarianismto determine who should be considered when calculating “the greatest good for the greatest number” and, thereby the ethical business solutions.

(Brede son, pgs. 13-15, “At a Car Company”, respond to questions 3 through 5)

B. In terms of sharing life-saving technology, what does “verdureethics” have to say about this decision?

What is the just and practically wise action the CEO should take and why?

(Use the Four Theories for Ethical Decision Making document in Course Resources).