As you will learn throughout this course, attending to gender and diversity issues are an extremely important part of being a manager. You will also learn that diversity is a very broad-ranging concept, and organizations must be prepared to address gender and diversity issues in the workplace in a sensitive and responsible way. Much of this responsibility lies at the feet of the manager. Please remember to include a reference section (please use the required Gatrell and Swan and Daft and Marcic texts for this paperthis is not a reflection paper).
IMPORTANT: Please use the required Gatrell and Swan (2008) readings from the Library Course page, chapter 9 from the Daft and Marcic (2022) textbook, and the article from Foma (2014). Avoid I language and include in-text citations in your document. Papers missing properly formatted in-text citations will not be accepted.
For this short paper of 500 words, Id like you to address the following topics:
What is the role of a manager when addressing issues related to gender and diversity in the workplace and the formation of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) organizational initiatives?
Discuss the concepts of diversity and inclusion. What is the difference between the traditional and inclusive model of diversity?