Paper details:

In no more than five pages of work, please respond to the following prompt. Please be thorough and specific, and work closely with the course readings. Use any format you like for in-text citations and include a formatted references page (sources are linked). Your essay should be well organized and reflect a clear understanding of the readings you refer to.


Please discuss different aspects of social structure in terms of theory, institutions, and inequality. Please make sure to address the following issues (in no particular order):

What is social structure and how can a sociological imagination help us better understand it?
What are social constructs, how do we learn them and how do they shape us as individuals?
Discuss formal institutions as a type of social structure, such as capitalism and democracy. How do these institutions shape our lives?
How can we understand social inequality in terms of race, gender, and social class, based on what youve said about social structure?
5%: Correct and consistent essay formatting, proper use of citations, references page

Minor errors/omissions deducted 0.5-1 point
Major errors/omissions deducted up to the full 10 points
10%: Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation

Minor errors/omissions deducted 0.5-1 point
20%: Essay is clearly written and well organized

Function of each paragraph is clear in the overall context of the essay
Essay has a clear over-arching discussion that helps organize and conclude the paper
Examples are clearly explained and main points are explicitly connected to overall theme of the essay
25%: Essay adequately and fully addresses the prompt

Writing clearly addresses all aspects of the prompt
Paper is organized in some way that clearly allows the writer to answer all aspects of the prompt
40%: Essay makes active use of the readings and demonstrates clear, correct understanding

The essay uses important points from multiple readings that pertain to each section of the essay
The essay is driven primarily by course material