what is Science Without Humanity   2022 Latest Answers  

Over the centuries, the relationship between science and religion has remained at  

best strained. Knowledge gained through scientifi c methods needs to honor the  

human condition and its underlying qualities of wisdom, compassion , and character.  

When scientifi c knowledge and its resultant practices degenerate into mere technology, science ceases to be a salutary force and comes into direct confl ict with humanity. As a result, human beings become victims of science and technology. Something  

that was supposed to serve human ends becomes an end in itself. Without an understanding of the greater purpose of humanity, scientifi c achievements yield very little  

in the way of human progress.  

Thus, science has a tacit responsibility to uphold the scientifi c ethic using totality  

of life as a baseline and a guide. However, in an age where most modern scientifi c  

projects require corporate or governmental funding, there’s an inherent confl ict with  

ethics ab initio . Gandhi perhaps did not have to deal with such scenarios at least not  

to the extent they are prevalent in modern times. In the contemporary world, however, we have this phenomenon where big corporations hire scientists to carry out  

research. Although the decision to work for an organization is a personal one made  

by the scientist, an immoral organization is more likely to prevail upon the scientist  

by its greater bargaining power.