1. What are the first three ingredients? 

2. How many servings per container? 


3. What is a serving size? 


4. How many calories per serving? 


5. How many grams of total fat per serving?


6. How many calories of total fat per serving? 


7. How many grams of saturated fat per serving? 


8. How many grams of protein per serving?


9. How many calories of protein per serving?


10. How many grams of carbohydrates per serving? 


11. How many calories of carbohydrates per serving? 


12. How many grams of fiber? (1 Point)


13. How much cholesterol per serving? (1 Point)


14. How much sodium per serving? (1 Point)


15. Does the product contain vitamins? Which ones?

16. Does the product contain minerals? Which ones?


17. Do you think this is a healthy or nutritious food choice? Why or why not? Write a minimum of 1 paragraph.