Important: Personal response of at least 400 words to the discussion questions due
1. What does plagiarism mean when discussing music and ownership of music? Please do not provide what you think plagiarism is in music, but rather what a scholarly source says plagiarism is, and be sure to provide an in-text citation for your answer and include the full citation at the end of the post. Click Citefast Tutorial in the module 1 assignment for more information on citations.

2. A recent plagiarism issue came up with Ariana Grande. Here are links to the 2 songs in question. 7 Rings Mine Disclaimer: These are original videos with the original language and have not been bleeped. Here is a clean version: 7 Rings Clean Here is a YouTube clip about other music “7 Rings” has been compared to Comparison. Do you think Ariana Grande plagiarized the “Mine” song? Based on the music plagiarism rules, have these artists committed plagiarism? Please keep in mind, that I want an educated answer, based on your research not just an opinion.

3. Provide the class with another example of plagiarism accusations with current popular musicians. Do you think the artist you chose plagiarized? Why or why not? Be sure to support your answer with evidence through articles and websites and cite the information from the sources.