Citizen Kane
According to a quote from Wikipedia (Yes I said Wikipedia):
The picture was Welles first feature film. Citizen Kane is frequently cited as the greatest film ever made.
[5] For 50 consecutive years, it stood at number 1 in the British Film Institutes Sight & Sound decennial poll of critics, and it topped the American Film Institutes 100 Years 100 Movies list in 1998
Do you agree with this assessment? Why or why not? Does it warrant such praise based upon the literary structure and writing?
Do the advances in technology and movie making warrant such praise?
What do you think were the strong elements in the film (if any) and what do you think were its flaws (if any)?
If this was your first time experiencing the film, were you pleased as a viewer or were you disappointed? Where would you place the film in your overall top 10 list (if at all)?