What do you think is the appropriate role for motorized recreation on public lands and waters, and why?


ORV users have argued strongly for a collaborative approach to resolving disputes over access to public lands. Why do you think they support a change in the process? 

Would a collaborative process have produced a “better” outcome in the case of snowmobiles in Yellowstone

 National Park than the adversarial one did? If so, why, and in what respects? If not, why not?


Technological improvements, driven by the threat of regulation, contributed significantly to the resolution of the controversy over snowmobiles in Yellowstone. Can you describe other instances in which this has been (or could be) the case?


The debate over snowmobiles in Yellowstone National Park highlights the contrasting goals in the National Park Service mission. 

Do you think our national parks should be preserved from human impact, or should they be cultivated for human enjoyment? Can a compromise exist between the two ideas?