1. Have a look at the items of Ang’s CQ assessment (Ang et al., 2007 ) and  

refl ect where you personally might have to develop your competencies.  

Compare your thoughts with your colleagues in class.  

2. Make an internet research to fi nd other assessment instruments that measure cross-cultural leadership competencies and present your results in  


3. Go back to the introductory case of the Finnish multinational. How would  

you reconcile the company’s dilemma? Discuss the role of international  

communication in consensus building.  

4. What do you associate with good leadership? Make a list of characteristics  

and compare the results with your peers. Discuss how much these characteristics are globally universal or culturally specific 2022 Latest Answers  .  

5. Find material on the internet about Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, and about  

Jong-Kyun Shin , president & CEO of Samsung Electronics. Discuss the  

differences and communalities of their leadership styles.