What cultural considerations are important in this case?
What messages has Ella received up to this point regarding the intersectionality of her sexual identity and her religious/spiritual identity?
According to the text, what messages might have been conveyed through her religious/spiritual identity and the abuse she endured?
What societal messages might be affecting Ella’s reconciliation and integration of her sexual identity and what principles are underneath those messages from a greater societal perspective (think about the chapter on religion, morality, and prejudice – what factors are associated with prejudice/discrimination/stereotyping for individuals in same-sex relationships)?
Imagine you are Ella’s counselor. What might be some goals you would want to address in your sessions together?
What information would you want to provide Ella to help in integrating her spiritual/religious identity and her sexual identity?
What psychoeducation would you want to provide regarding the importance of the mind/body/spirit connection and her physical and mental wellness?