Characteristics of Resilient Organizations  

What characteristics determine organizational resilience? 2022 Latest Answers  

 First and probably most  

important, the organization must have a high leadership quotient. That is many, if  

not all, members of the organization should feel empowered to make suggestions  

and take on leadership roles in their areas of expertise. 48 When everyone feels  

empowered to become part of the solution, information about the prevailing conditions and challenges becomes more granular and more accurate. 49 By deferring to  

those with the most knowledge and experience in a specifi c fi eld, the organization  

takes advantage of its strengths. A Such a strategy is easiest  

when the organization has a relatively fl at power structure, which enhances a sense  

of individual autonomy , allowing each team member to feel that he or she can make  

a difference. When personal and team identity are strong, everyone is encouraged to  

share ideas and all members of the organization feel valued. The creation of a strong  

collaborative atmosphere instills trust and a sense of belonging that creates a strong  

social network, sometimes referred to as a web of support. 50

The winning trap play in our case example also illustrates the importance of true  

teamwork. All of the players understood their roles and were able to coordinate their  

efforts to create a massive opening in the defensive line that allowed the running back to  

gain over 50 yards and deliver the win. Team members of resilient organizations must  

clearly understand their roles, and when