Question 1 – Overview and Relevant Facts

A. What are the relevant facts of this situation? Provide a detailed overview of the important facts of this case.

B. Identify and describe the specific employment laws that support Maalick’s contention that he was not promoted due to religious discrimination? Be specific.

Question 2 – Religious Accommodation

What are the relevant facts to support the contention that Maalick was not given accommodations due to his religious beliefs? Be specific.

Question 3 – HR Director’s Actions

Characterize the actions of the HR director in response to the overall situation between Maalick, the supervisor and coworkers. Be specific.
Prevention and Proactive Actions by HR Director. What could the HR Director have done to prevent this situation and what more could be done by the HR professional to ensure that this type of situation would not occur in the future? Be specific.
Question 4 – Acts of Religious and Racial Harassment

What were the actions of the supervisor and coworkers that could be considered as (1) religious and (2) racial harassment? Analyze and discuss each of the two harassment issues separately. (Define and explain by citing the specific laws relevant).