What are the Issues with Vision Research  2022 Latest Answers  

A century of leadership research has generated many theories. However, the vision  

aspect has been presumed or largely ignored. Research on vision is also problematic in some specifi c areas. Leadership scholars have, in many instances, not  

aligned the vision time frame with goals or performance. A greater concern is the  

consistent overemphasis on objective evaluation of successful leadership visions  

when, in fact, vision goals are often vague and utopian. A leader’s vision is an  

aspiration to strive for, and the use of subjective time periods to measure effectiveness of the vision is at best an academic exercise. Objective measurements are  

reductionist and may not adequately capture essential components such as passion,  

emotion , and long-term future projections that a vision is meant to accomplish.  

Finally the vision process is blinded by our own bounded rationality that dictates  

what we think, how we behave, and how we make sense of the world. Many leadership scholars lack the tools and methods to capture the leader’s vision and often  

resort to fragments of historiometric and other archival data. Scharmer and Kaufer  

( 2013 ) note that “our inherited leadership vocabulary is no longer fi t to meet the  

challenges of our time”