Questions to consider from this video regarding the staining process for endospores:

1. What is an endospore?  

2. What are the general environmental conditions by which vegetative bacteria develop endospores?

3. According to the video, identify some of the most medically important bacterial cells that form endospores.  

4. What is meant by vegetative cells vs. endospores?  

5. Differentiate between spores and endospores? What organisms use spores (relying on Google to answer this question may lead you on an entirely incorrect path, as there is a lot of misinformation/misinterpretation with spore/endospore)? What is the purpose of spores (think about eukaryotic fungi – Chapter #12)? What is the purpose of an endospore (you may want to answer question #6 below before you answer this question). This question may require some outside research.

6. Briefly explain the conditions by which endospores may transform back to vegetative mother cells. What is the name of this process?  

7. How are the various endospore-forming bacteria medically relevant to humans?  

8. Be sure to write up the steps involved with endospore staining (and explain why it is a challenge to stain bacterial endospores).