What are Stages of Psychological Development   2022 Latest Answers  

There are seven stages of psychological development that correspond to the different seasons of our lives. These are shown in Table 4.2 . The fi rst column of Table 4.2

identifi es the stages of development, with the corresponding level of consciousness  

in brackets. The second column indicates the approximate age range when each  

stage of psychological development begins to become important. The third column  

describes the primary need we experience at each stage of psychological development (also known as the developmental task). The fourth column indicates the  

underlying motivation at each stage of development, and the fi fth column lists the  

value priority associated with this motivation.

The seven stages of psychological development occur in consecutive order. Each  

stage of development is a necessary foundation for the subsequent stage. You cannot  

jump stages, but you can begin to explore the next stage of development before you  

have fully mastered the previous stage. It takes a full lifetime to pass through theseven stages of development. If you successfully complete the journey, you will

experience a sense of joy and fulfifi llment in the latter years of your life.