Respond to one or more of the following prompts or questions, writing a total of approximately 500 words. You may answer one item in depth, provide shorter responses for all 7 items, or anywhere in between, as long as approximately 500 words are written. Citations and references are not required.

a. What are some problems with the terms “innate,” “instinct,” and “instinctual” in developmental science?

b. Discuss common theoretical models in current developmental science. Which model(s) do you think hold(s) more merit? Why?

c. What are some limitations of the interactional nature/genetics/heredity versus nurture/environment models of human development?

d. Discuss the history of theoretical models in developmental science.

e. Discuss material from the course so far in the context of a Christian perspective on human development.

f. Discuss probabilistic versus predetermined epigenesis.