Part 1: Understanding Race and Racism in the Context of Social Work
Answer the following questions related to the Social Work Grand Challenges Eliminate Racism
Concept Paper. (Your response should be written as an essay similar to an extended Critical
Discourse Analysis of approximately 5 double-spaced pages. APA formatting and proper citation
are required.)
1. Describe some of the historical abuses that different minoritized groups have endured
in the United States.
2. What are some of the ways that the Social Work profession been complicit in these
3. This concept paper explains race as a social construct. How would you explain what this
means to someone?
4. What suggestions are included in this concept paper regarding how the Social Work
profession can promote racial justice and eliminate racism?

The paper should have all articles from online that have a http: website that I can click on.
The paper should be written with simple sentences that an 8th grader can understand.
The paper should answer the above questions in detail.
The paper should not use words like hense.
Please fix the quotes and reference sheet.