1) What can you remember about your school’s tracking?

 For example, was your school’s process for getting into upper track classes (e.g., Honors or AP classes) fair? Explain why you think the process was fair or unfair. 

Were there similarities or differences between tracked classes – for example, between regular classes and advanced classes – in the assignments, quality of teaching, teacher expectations, or the motivation of students in the class?

 Describe the similarities or differences for one of these examples.

2) How did your school’s tracking influence how you saw yourself – your intelligence, capability to go to college, or how you saw education or your future in general? You can also talk about how your school’s tracking influenced your friends or peers if you’re more comfortable.

3) Can you relate to Gary’s and Ann’s strategies in the Harklau reading? In other words, can you relate to feeling like you had to behave in certain ways to get your teachers or counselors to see you as “a good student” or “a smart student?” (cheating is also a strategy when students feel their teachers are ineffective and they don’t want a bad grade to decrease their chances of getting into college).

 Be honest so if your answer is “no” explain why you can’t relate (maybe you went to amazing schools who made all students feel smart and talented).