Describe the current vision of the company. You may reuse the content from Section 1.

In your readings, you saw how a personal vision statement could be a foundation for creating a business venture and incorporation into the current vision of a company you will be leading. For this section, you will present a plan for how you would integrate your vision into what currently exists for the company you have selected for analysis. Support your thoughts with at least two sources from the readings and two other sources you uncover in your research. For this section, you may use sources that are not considered scholarly as your additional sources.

  • Include in this section:
    • Your vision and process you used for your unique vision creation
    • draft of your revised idea, incorporating your image into the current company vision
    • Your method to involve all stakeholders in the new vision creation is based on your draft. You may use both descriptive and graphic representation tools (i.e., flow chart) to present this process
  1. The measurement process you will use to determine the effectiveness of your new vision on organizational success.