Vision as Focus of Inquiry  

What we choose to see and focus on carries power and energy.  2022 Latest Answers  


inquiry emphasizes what gives life to a living system, and it is rooted in the  

notion that what we study grows and what we appreciate (pay attention to) appreciates (increases in value). Our minds’ anticipatory images and intentions help  

create the future. Giving repeated attention to certain thoughts and images causes  

changes in our brains, making us more predisposed to think and feel these  

thoughts. What we visualize and the questions we ask lead us to the focus of  

inquiry. Mundane examples, such as riding a bicycle or a horse, remind us that  

we need to be careful about where we look. It’s almost eerie that horses always  

know where the rider is looking and take you where you are looking. Vision  

leads us to the focus of inquiry.  

If vision is based on what to avoid, the very thing you try to avoid becomes the  

focus. If we consistently look at defi cits, we direct more energy to them. Thought  

and vision direct energy. Being mindful about what we focus on helps us to see the  

world differently, as we don’t see the world as it is but see it as we are.