In this learning activity you will create a short video of one of your (solved) Excel models. You may use

Zoom to record a (up to 6-minute) video explaining the basics of your model (what it does and how and

why it is useful to a user). Through this learning activity, you will engage in the following.

1. To practice and demonstrate effective and professional communication skills by explaining the

functionality of an Excel model, using current technology tools (Zoom). The ideal is to “sell” your

model to your audience; examples work great.

2. To demonstrate proper knowledge of building and using an Excel model and how it can be

useful (i.e., what business problem does it solve, “what-if” functionality/analysis your model

has). The more complex and interesting the model, the higher your score. Simple models are not


Presentations with more complex models will earn a higher grade. Presentations with simpler models

will earn a lower grade. Think of your audience as your future boss, or a future client that is interested in

using an Excel to improve their business operation or solve a business problem.

Points to think about:

• Best practice is to show you face while you record and present so the audience can “connect”

with you. Impress your audience with your presentation skills and with an interesting enough

excel model that displays your superior Excel skills (not just basic skills).

• You should dress/look professional and use good lighting.

• Practice going over your model several times, think about how you would want someone to

show the model to you for maximum comprehension. Explain the benefits with examples.

• Remember, your task is to show or “walk” your audience through your model, so they see the

benefit of using it in their respective workplace (make assumptions as to the workplace).

Emphasize explaining the “why you should use this model” that you are showing. Demonstrate

the power of “what-if” functionality your model provides the audience with examples.

• Keep in mind you could share this video to a potential future employer to display your superior

knowledge of Excel and your ability to present information virtually. The more professional and

interesting the presentation, the better odds at landing the job .

Simple Rubric

To obtain a good grade, I expect the following:

1. Complete/submit the project on time. Late assignments will not be accepted.

2. Take note of ALL the points above.

3. The more complex/involved the model, the higher the grade. Simple models are boring!

4. Were objectives 1 and 2 above achieved through the video?

My goal is to be as generous as possible grading this assignment; your job is to put good effort into it

and produce a high-quality presentation that “sells” an interesting and complex (enough) model to the

audience and shows them the benefit of using it. Your aim should be to impress your audience