The assignment focuses on John Stuart Mill , “Utilitarianism”-human dissatisfied than a pig satisfied. Also,  defend your position against that anticipated objection

John Stuart Mill , “Utilitarianism”-human dissatisfied than a pig satisfied

John Stuart Mill , “Utilitarianism”  Is it better to be a human dissatisfied than a pig satisfied; better to  Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied? What is Mill’s answer to this question? What argument or arguments does Mill provide in support of his answer? Critically assess Mill’s answer: Do you agree or disagree with Mill? Support your answer with reasons. Then explain a possible objection to your position. Finally, defend your position against that anticipated objection. Ensure that your discussion addresses the following claim, inspired by Paul’s account of transformative experience: Experience teaches one something one could not come to know without having that experience.

John Stuart Mill , “Utilitarianism”-human dissatisfied than a pig satisfied

Mill’s point was that “higher” pleasures are better, more valuable, more worth having, than “lower pleasures.” Better Socrates dissatisfied than pig satisfied, he says. Of course he has a totally elitist Victorian English idea of which pleasures are better. Doing philosophy is better than having kinky sex, even if it’s crappy philosophy and really awesome kinky sex. Now, his argument that people who have experienced both agree. First of all, this runs into the usual problem with Mill’s conflation of the desirable with the desired—how he supposedly knows pleasure is  the good in the first place. Just because people want something doesn’t mean its good for them to want it. Ask an alcoholic, smoker, or junkie. Which leads to the point that Mill is  presenting us with a false dichotomy. Why does it to be either-or? Why not both? Each in its time and place, of course.

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