Joseph is a twenty-eight-year-old man who has a moderate intellectual disability. Joseph loves boats and being near the water is one of his favourite pastimes. Joseph lives in shared residential accommodation with four other men who have disabilities. The house is across the road from the river and Joseph loves to sit by the river, it makes him feel calm and happy.


Joseph does not get on very well with Sam who is one of the other residents in the house. Sam and Joseph have been known to get into arguments. When they fight both parties yell, swear and abuse each other and if staff don’t observe the signs and respond quickly they have thrown things, damaged property and hit each other.  


An argument occurred one afternoon when Sam took Joseph’s remote control boat from his room without asking. The staff did not see this happening they only saw Joseph hit Sam across his back and swear profusely at him. Joseph was removed to his room and told that he was not to leave it until dinnertime as punishment for fighting. Joseph was angry and unhappy and he continued to try to get out of his room smashing the door in frustration. A senior staff member then locked his door from the outside to keep him in, telling him that he needed to sit in his room until he learnt that fighting is not the way to resolve problems. Joseph started swearing at the staff member through the locked door and threatened to punch him when he saw him. The worker then told Joseph that he would not be getting privileges this week because of the swearing and threats.  


The consequences of his behaviour being he would not be going to the movies with the other residents this weekend nor would he be able to go to the jetty and watch the ferry come in.


1.Using the above scenario choose three (3) different situations of behaviours of concern Joseph has displayed and identify how the Support Worker has responded inappropriately to each situation (30-80 words).


2.Using the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), as a guide, identify two (2) articles relating to Joseph’s right being denied.


3.Use the above scenario (Joseph) to complete the following Antecedent Behaviour Consequence (ABC) form to record what happened before, during and after the behaviour of concern in 10 – 40 words.