Assignment: Essay #2 Evaluation Essay
Length: 1000-1250 Words (does not include header, title, or Works Cited page)
*MLA manuscriipt format
* Refer to pages 170-177 in A Pocket Style Manuel
*Times New Roman, 12 point font
*Correct grammar, usage and mechanics (refer to A Pocket Style Manual)
*Utilizes at least 2 scholarly sources from a database from the Henry G. Bennet (SE) Library
*Includes an MLA style Works Cited page and parenthetical citations
*Written in 3rd person point of view
* Uses one of the organizational models found on page 221 of Norton Field Guide to Writing
Related Readings: Chapters 16, 29, 33, 41, 64
Papers should demonstrate improvements from readings and comments related to Essay 1 and show proficiency in using evaluative format, using reading cues, and providing thorough descriptions as outlined in the assigned readings.
Select a book, short story, or film in a specific genre for example, memoir, science fiction, or graphic novel for writing or historical, biographical, or comedy for film and write an evaluation of it. Consider what features readers would expect to see in a book of that genre so that you can identify those features as evaluation criteria, and then use these criteria to offer a balanced review.