The assignment focuses on Unionization in Canada. Also, there is an analysis of characteristics of a unionized workforce. So, you required to describe how unionization benefits employees.

Unionization in Canada-characteristics of a unionized workforce

Unionization in Canada
Write a two part essay of about 1000 words in total by responding to the following prompts: Part A Describe the legislation that regulates labour relations in Canada. For each piece of legislation you define, provide a practical example of how it is relevant to the current workforce. Part B Describe the characteristics of a unionized workforce in Canada. What purpose or function does the union play? Describe how unionization benefits employees. Typically, confidential employees are staff members that have access to pay and personnel files, or they are privy to and perform job duties in support of management decisions. It’s not simply the type of position that distinguishes union workers from nonunion workers, however

Unionization in Canada-characteristics of a unionized workforce

Even if a portion of your workforce unionized, your company is not likely to ever be entirely unionized. One reason is that supervisors and managers are ineligible to become union members. As the NLRA specifically identifies supervisors as acting on behalf of the employer. Supervisors (and managers and directors) are those who exercise independent judgment in the performance of their job duties and also have the authority to “hire, transfer, suspend, lay off … or discipline other employees, or responsibly to direct them. Supervisors and the level of management above line supervisors , do not share an interest with employees who protected by the NLRA. The NLRA protects the collective activity of employees deemed eligible for union membership. In addition, there is a category of workers who considered “confidential” employees, and they also do not have a community of interest with union workers.

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