Please respond to this thread to participate in this week’s discussion. 

Post at least one primary response no later than Wednesday at midnight Boston time to allow other student’s time to respond to your post. (6 pts)

At least two secondary posts should be completed by Saturday at midnight to allow students time to benefit from your thoughts and to send an additional response if necessary. (2pt for each secondary post)

Discussion postings should be approximately 150-300 words. Communicate in complete sentences, concise, focused paragraphs, and precise language. Excessively wordy postings are not an advantage, but overly brief postings have little to contribute to the discussion. Provide adequate

support for your postings: simply agree or disagree with your colleague is not appropriate.

Discussion Topic: Understanding Quality

In your primary post, discuss the 5 questions below:

1. Why is defining quality so difficult?

2. How do you define it?

3. How can we improve our understanding of the concept of quality?

4. What is an example of a situation in which you experienced good quality product or service with your supplier?

5. What is an example of a situation in which you had poor quality goods or service from your supplier?

Reminder: A high quality post is one that explicitly links your personal opinion or experience with the course materials or other relevant outside sources using proper APA format. Both in-text citations and a reference list are required for this discussion. I will use the attached rubric to grade all

discussion forums. You may earn up to 10 points. You may find the following resources helpful.