Detailed Instructions


Question 1: You will need to provide an analysis of the financial and non-financial performance of British Heart Foundation (BHF) using BHF’s annual reports of recent years. Relevant financial ratios must be used in your financial analysis. In the non-financial analysis, you need to evaluate the sustainability performance of BHF using relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Whereever information about both the BHF group and BHF charity is provided, information regarding the group should be used.

More about this task:

 British Heart Foundation focuses its resources on ensuring that heartbreak resulting from circulatory and heart disease as well as their risk factors. The discussion is expected to illustrate how the organization manages the finances and is able to carry out its activities with the funding available. The analysis of the organization is expected to dwell on the British Heart Foundation’s annual reports in the last 5 years. In addition, the analysis will entail a discussion about the relevant key performance indicators such as inventory turnover, cash flow forecast, and accounts payable turnover among others. The analysis will include the examination of both the financial and the non-financial performance of the organization respectively…

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